Thursday, December 9, 2010

Old School

Grandma Ba's basement is full of hidden treasures. Our most recent discovery included an owl sweater Barb knitted for Ada's Aunt Heather about twenty years ago. The owls have green button eyes on the front of the sweater and are repeated on the back side without eyes. Here is Ada in the sweater impersonating an owl mid-wing flapping.
And here is Iain modeling what I call the "yellow banana suit" which Rick wore about thirty years ago.It is the brightest yellow imaginable--think of a Highlighter or a ripe lemon. It has a cute blue bunny embroidered on the chest of the suit. And did I mention it is fuzzy on the outside? It is still a bit big for Iain but is keeping him warm this winter and goes great with his green knit hat our friend Cassie made for him.
Just like Rick's former gray winter coat Ada wore when she was one, this yellow banana suit has chew marks on the cuff from Rick's sleeve biting days. It adds a nice personal touch.
Moral of the story: Some things are "oldie but goodie" and can be reused by future generations. Durable children's clothing tends to be outgrown quickly and can work well as an heirloom, as long as the recipient isn't a style maven.

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