Saturday, January 29, 2011

What's Worse?

What's worse than being sick?
Being sick when you have to watch your kids while you attempt to recover.

Worse than that?
Changing poopy diapers after you've been throwing up.

Even worse?
Not having groceries to make easy meals and having to feed the kids when you yourself can't keep food down.

Worse still?
Getting one kid down for a nap, then the other, only to have the first one wake up so you have to skip your nap thereby ruining any chance you had of getting recovery rest.

And the worst?
Having your kids and spouse get sick with you to the point where there are mounds of laundry to be done and no clean towels in the house.

I'm still at the "worse still" stage trying to entertain Iain while having Ada and my niece Anna asleep on the couch. Rick left work early to stop for essential groceries to get us through the weekend. Now I just hope we skip the "worst" stage and this illness stops with me.

Moral of the story: Being sick is never good, but is even worse when you have kids. Prevention. Prevention. Prevention.

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