Sunday, February 6, 2011

Brotherly Love

Iain really loves Ada. He wears the biggest of grins when she plays with him, even if she steals his toys and says, "No! No! Iain!" with her open palmed hand just inches from his face. She can be kind of bossy like that, but he doesn't seem to mind much. He watches in awe as she runs around the room or sits playing a game. And he often just stares at her. Ada doesn't seem to mind until she is pooping or newly awakened from a nap and just wants to be left alone. Then she will try to move behind him or to his other side in hopes that he won't turn his head around to follow her. She is struggling to learn that I can't make him stop looking at her. How happy she'd be if I had superpowers that could control his much would I love those superpowers? "You're getting very sleepy baby Iain..."

When she's not bossing him around or telling him "No", Ada actually likes Iain too. She enjoys taking his toys away from him. She likes feeding him, even if she does jam the spoon into his mouth a bit far. She likes tickling him. And she's already becoming protective of him. Whenever I do something he doesn't really like, she yells at me to make me stop hurting him. If he doesn't want his diaper changed or the goobers in his eyes cleaned out, she's convinced that I am torturing him and I should stop immediately and do something to make him happy. And she is finally at the point where she will give him random kisses without being prompted. Her kissing technique still needs some work since she doesn't purse her lips while making the lip smacking noise but instead just brushes her closed lips against his head. We still count it as a kiss.

There will likely come a day when they aren't as fond of each other as they are now so I'm going to treasure these times and hope the love continues. I'll be on the lookout for superpowers in the meantime.

Moral of the story: Take time to notice love between siblings. It may or may not last.

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