Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm a little TOUCAN, short and feathery...

Rick and I know Ada is going to hate us for this when she gets older, but who could resist? She's just so cute!

And the best part?
The costume is from a school fundraiser garage sale in our home town and was purchased by grandma Ba.
The leggings are from Aunt Anne and will last all winter long. The socks and the long sleeve red onsie are hand-me-downs.

The next best part?
She fell asleep 5 blocks from the party after not having taken a nap all day. Of course, we then had to wake her up for the party. And she slept the whole way home - all 25 minutes.
Cost of looking adorable on Halloween? Nada.

Thanks to all who help Ada always look cute.

Moral of the story: Don't
spend a ton on kids' Halloween costumes. Kids are so cute to begin with that it doesn't take much to exploit
that fact and make a good costume out of a sheet and some pipe cleaners.

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