Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ada's Favorite Things

Move over Oprah... it's time for Ada's favorite things.

Topping the list in at number one is dear old dad because he tickles her and is too much fun.

In second (because I've stopped nursing her recently) is super mom.

Coming in at third, well, I could list every relative she's ever had and some that are pseudo relatives that we've adopted because they are so cool, but we'll move on to the fun stuff and skip the fluff. Just know that she loves you all.

So now that we've got that out of the way...in no real order from this point on...
4. Sweet Potatoes, Bananas and Pears seem to be her favorite foods, but she eats most things without complaint. Milk is at the top of the list too.
5. Crawling around the house with a sock in one hand. She has no preference for the state of the sock: clean or dirty.
6. Being outside. She can't get enough. I fear teaching her the sign for "outside" as that's all she'll ever tell me. Then she'll learn the word and we'll be living in a tent on the beach.
7. Naked baby time. And really, who doesn't like to run around naked in the privacy of their own home? Brad Pitt does.
8. Being upside down. I'm sure this will lead to endless hours rolling down hillsides and making herself so dizzy she falls over.
9. Eating shoes. Doesn't matter what size, who they belong to, or where they have been. If we leave them by the door, she'll find a way to get them into her mouth.
10. Watching the washing machine spin. The front loading machine can mesmerize even the strongest willed adults. It just sucks you in, I swear.
11. Baths. Something about being in the bathtub--oh, she's naked. That must be it.
12. Bouncing.
13. Listening to music.
14. Dancing. She's got more rhythm than her father, thank God.
15. Ripping paper. She's great at tearing junk mail into pieces before I recycle it.
16. Human jungle gyms. I've become quite good at being crawled on, pushed, pulled, and made into something to hang, swing, and balance on.
17. Eating cell phones, and hanging up when mommy's been on hold for 10 minutes with someone from technical support. This is not something we encourage.
18. Dad's watch.
19. Pulling mom's hair.
20. Giving hugs. Getting hugs.
21. Riding on Dad's shoulders.
22. Grabbing Mom's notebook and pen, then trying to rip out pages.
23. Standing 6 inches in front of the TV and touching the screen while absorbing Baby Einstein DVDs (it's like crack for babies).
24. Chewing. On everything. And I do mean everything.
25. Seeing pictures of herself.
26. Throwing food on the floor while she eats.
27. Wiping her own face with a wet washcloth.
28. Banging things together.
29. Kisses. Getting and giving them, typically open mouth kisses on your cheek.
30. Monkey the stuffed animal. Especially when he dances at the breakfast table.
31. Clapping. Her hands and helping you clap too.
32. Dogs and cats.
33. Books. Typically her size and not claiming to be true stories that are really made up with false details -- thanks Oprah.
34. Playdates with other kids her age, especially Eva, Aaron, Isabella, and cousin Anna.
35. The dishwasher. She loves rolling the racks back and forth.

Things Ada dislikes...
1. Taking naps
2. Bedtime, occasionally.
3. Diaper changes.
4. Having her nails clipped.
5. Mom picking her nose. (Not my nose, Ada's nose silly!)
6. Having her nose aspirated to get the snot out.
7. Dogs that bark while she is sleeping. Who wouldn't hate that?
8. Wearing hats and gloves.
9. Cows that moo. Who could have seen that one coming?
10. Vacuum cleaners and dustbusters. Too loud and scary.

Eat your heart out Oprah... or better yet, don't. That probably isn't part of your new diet anyway.
May the new year be filled with your favorite things, and light on the not-so-favorite things.

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