Monday, June 7, 2010

The Compact Update

Thanks to my sponsors, I have no need to buy anything. Between Rick, my mom and his mom, this is just too easy. Not to mention all of the friends who have loaned me maternity clothing.

Rick bought me a hanging basket to store all of the fruits and veggies I now buy. I helped him pick it out at World Market for about $8. He got the hardware and installed it next to the sink. So sweet of him.

Grandmas DD and Ba have collectively spoiled all of us. Knowing they are going to buy stuff for Ada one way or another, I’ve given in and started making suggestions like, “Ada could use a pair of Crocs for the Summer” and shortly thereafter, a pair of Crocs in her size magically appear…along with clothes and stuff for BB and snacks and goodies. I can’t control what they buy but I can try to point them in the right direction and keep saying “less is more”. My new catchphrase is “Just because it’s only a dollar, of a few dollars, doesn’t mean you should buy it.” That isn’t justification of a “need”. That is marketing. It’s a sales trap you can easily avoid.

But I will say that the Grandmas are doing much better –or at least they have learned to pile it all on me at one time instead of trickling little things our way constantly- which has been proven to appear to be less even if it is the same amount. Maybe they are just reserving the flood of goodies for a future baby shower…

Barb has cut back on stuff she gets Ada and uses that excuse to buy us bigger items that we “need” for special events like our anniversary. She bought us a new air conditioner for our 8 year wedding anniversary, which is now fully functional and works really well. (Thanks for that!) And our very own pre-loved double stroller that counts as her baby shower gift. We tested it out this weekend and it worked beautifully. I’ll start being concerned when she starts making up special events like “It’s a full moon so I just had to get you this…” Until then, I’m proud.

DD is still buying more stuff for her granddaughters than I even imagined, but she is also getting more hand me downs and bringing things that she has duplicates of at the house. She’s also receptive when I tell her we don’t need things or won’t use them and she’s willing to pass them on to someone who will so they don’t clutter my house.

I am feeling slightly guilty for requesting a baby pool for Ada from DD and Bobpa. But it is something she will really enjoy. I could just turn the hose on her but I’m thinking that will use more water than a pool and therefore be worse for the environment and the compact. Until then, we’ll share kiddie pools with our little buddy Hudson down the street.

Two things that worry me this month are baby showers and my birthday. Not that I’ll buy things for the baby showers, but that even though I’ve requested that a bunch of friends just go to brunch to celebrate with no gifts needed, I’m sure they can’t all resist an opportunity to shop for cute baby things. I get that. I’m just hopeful that the things are more thoughtful and make less of an impact on the world in some way, or are durable enough for me to pass on at some point.

My birthday is the real issue as I have three coupons on my desk that are just taunting me: Banana Republic $15, Victoria’s Secret $10, and DSW Shoe Warehouse $5. I don’t know if I should give them away, ask Rick if he wants to use them (to buy me gifts? That just isn’t right.) or recycle them. I hate seeing good coupons go bad though. That just seems wrong.

Oh, and the sneak attack…Father’s Day is coming up and, surely we can make Rick a card and cook him something nice, but I found this pair of earphones that would be more comfortable for him to wear since he spends a lot of time with his I pod. Tempting, but he doesn’t need them. I’ll hang on to the name of them and we can make that purchase when his others die or he can treat himself at some point.

Moral of the story: 5 months have passed and I really don’t miss buying things or the act of shopping.

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