Monday, June 14, 2010

The Waiting Game

Will he come today? Tonight? Tomorrow? The next day? The day after that? Next week? Two weeks from now?

If only I knew...but I don't.

Waiting for baby to decide it's time to enter this world is a bit crazy. I don't think he's ready quite yet. I know I'm not ready quite yet either. Rick looked at me just last night and said, "We should probably pack a bag for you, huh." I just rolled my eyes and shrugged my shoulders. What do we really need to take? Last time we had music and movies and clothes (for me and baby) and hot packs and books and all sorts of stuff. All we really wanted was snacks. The hospital had everything else and anything they didn't have, Rick or one of our three relatives in the waiting area could walk home six blocks to get. We did watch a movie the second night. And I might have read a book. But most of it went untouched.

The car seat is already in the car, as is the cord blood donation kit. I'll have my cell phone, as always--maybe an extra cell phone charger would be wise.

I've been advised by friends who just had their second to take:
  • The video camera - for when we introduce Baby Boy to Ada. Her reaction could be something to laugh about at her wedding someday.
  • The Boppy - for nursing or propping the baby up when Ada does meet him.
  • The camera - hello. Extra battery and memory card just in case maybe.

Surely I'll need yoga pants and a shirt to go home in. My house sandals that are goo-proof will be good for shuffling around the hospital room, and some socks in case my feet get cold. Being the crafty woman that I am, I hope to tuck away my current knitting project and whatever book I happen to be reading. I can only sleep so much and Rick will likely be busy going back and forth between the grandparents at our house with Ada, and the hospital room with me and BB. I might take an Ipod just in case. I considered taking Motrin and Tylenol this time since last time I think they billed me about $500 for pain killers when they were just over the counter drugs. But maybe they are higher doses or have codine -- ah, codine. My insurance is different this time too so maybe it won't be so bad.

I guess some clothes for the baby to come home in would be good too. We had a dozen outfits for Ada and in the end, we estimated way too big so that none of them fit and I have no idea what she wore home. I will try to pack those cute little hand mitts so he doesn't scratch himself (or me) while nursing.

At least I have things to think about while I wait for him to come. I can't say we are "ready" for him but we aren't "not ready" either. To get ready, Rick pulls out the pack and play, assembles the bassinet and we wash a load of baby clothes. I'm hoping to get to the baby clothes tonight or tomorrow, or even sometime later this week. And I'm not sure Ada will ever be ready or that we can prep her for any of it. We'll just wing it and hope for the best.

Moral of the story: Most babies come when the are ready. All you can do is try to be ready for them when they do, incubate and RELAX.

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