Thursday, August 5, 2010

I Feel A Purge Session Coming On

After spending last Saturday with Rick's parents as they cleaned house after their basement took on water two weekends ago (The Perfect Storm: The power went out, they were out of town and couldn't turn the generator on to keep the sump pump going, and the storm was a whooper.) it was time to do a bit of reorganizing around here.

After each pregnancy, I've taken time to re-evaluate my wardrobe and clear out items that I don't wear, that don't fit, or that just don't belong anymore. I tend to wait a month or two after the baby is born so that I have a better idea of what could again fit me some day if it is close and what really doesn't have any chance of ever working for me again -- like my bikinis. It wasn't hard to fill three bags of clothing up to pass on. Purging also gives me a chance to reorganize our room, get things back in order, and have a space that is more calm compared to the chaos that is currently our home.

I still need to go through all of Ada's clothes to see what she's already outgrown but it isn't an easy task since she could be anywhere from a 2T to a 5T depending on the style and cut of an outfit. And everyone keeps telling me her pants will all fit differently when she is potty trained so I need to hold off on passing those on.

Iain has outgrown a few things but his wardrobe is considerably smaller than Ada's and poses less of a problem. I am still trying to find homes for the gifts he received from the recent baby shower Rick's family threw for us. I really just need to put most of it away in his drawer but just haven't found the time. And to add to our chaos, we collected three bags of books from Rick's parents' house to help them purge and add them to our collection. Now we just need to figure out where they fit in.

Moral of the story: We all have stuff. The more you can minimize, organize and maintain the systems in place to manage the stuff, the less stressed you will be.

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