Saturday, August 14, 2010

Journey to Daycare

Walking to daycare with Ada this week was entertaining to say the least.

On Tuesday, we saw one of Rick's co-workers walking with her grandchildren. The kids were holding their arms out at their sides when they crossed the street as if they were crossing guards. Ada's been in that phase where she copies everyone these days so she of course held her arms out to the side all the way down the sidewalk, but not at the intersection.

On Wednesday, we were only a block from home holding hands while walking when I felt a downward pull on my arm. Ada was leaning over to pick something up. We were approaching a crosswalk so my mind was on finding a gap in the cars and by the time I looked down to see what she was doing, she already had her thumb and forefinger in position to pick up a large dog turd. She definitely touched it and gave me quite the confused look when I scolded her for reaching for it. It must have looked like a chocolate candy bar. Needless to say, I didn't let her touch anything until we arrived at daycare. Upon our arrival, I asked her caregivers to scrub her hands thoroughly.

On Thursday, she again surprised me. It was a ninety-degree day with humidity that made it more than just hot. Ada spent the morning's walk saying "Hot" and trying to walk in the shadows. If there wasn't a shadow, she walked directly behind me, using my shadow to keep her cool. Her walking behind me wasn't conducive to me watching her as we crossed the street or walked down the sidewalk. That was a day I really needed eyes in the back of my head.

With each new day, something new is always learned. This past week it just happened to be my turn to do the learning. When we cross the street, I'll let Ada hold her hands up like a crossing guard to protect us. When we are walking anywhere, I'll be on high-alert for the presence of dog poop. And when it is hot out, I will give her an umbrella to create her own shade so she doesn't use my shadow.

Moral of the story: Kids aren't always the students in your relationship. They will often teach you new things, many of which you'll wish you never knew.


{meant to be} MAMA said...

That's adorable. I hope you get her a really cute little umbrella for your walks. :)

Following you via icomleavewe (don't see the icon on your site though?) and hope you'll comment back!

Glass Case of Emotion said...

Good lesson indeed!

Happy ICLW!
Jess (#74)

Lisa said...

I have a friend whose child went too far while she chatted over a cappuccino in the park...he not only picked up the poo, he decided to taste it. So, your watchfulness is a good lesson. We can't keep our eyes on them all the time, but we sure need to try.

On the last day of school this term, all the mothers and children were practically euphoric. As we walked down the street to our cars, one of my friends shouted my son's name...he had run across the road on his own. He knows not to do that; but at nearly 7 years old, he feels I am too over-protective. (I'm not. I'm only too aware of distracted mothers in oversized SUVs driving down our school road.)

I try to encourage my kids' independence as much as possible, but it all has to be weighed and balanced with safety. The learning never stops, whether for them, or for us.

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