Monday, September 22, 2008

9 Month Doctoress Appointment

What is more awful than giving your little one shots? It turns out, it's getting blood drawn.

Poor little Ada had to have blood work done for her 9 month checkup. No shots this time. Just a check for lead and a blood count. The lab tech put the tourniquet on her little arm and she started wailing. My heart ripped in half. Then, she couldn't get a good vein to pop up so we switched sides and she started all over again. Then the tech in training had to feel the vein too before they poked Ada with the big mean needle. Then (oh yeah, it keeps going) they filled the first vile. Then the second. Finally the tourniquet comes off and her wails slow to a simmer. Her little tears made her eye lashes clump together and her eyes glistened. Her face turned funny shades of red and purple. I saw all the way down her throat to the depths of her littleness as she opened her mouth in the loudest scream something that small could possibly utter. It lasted only a minute or two but seemed to last forever as her chest puffed up and she gasped for more air to let out the next wail to deliver blow after heart-wrenching blow to all things good, warm and fuzzy about being a mom. Once the needle was out I quickly pinned down the gauze and scooped her up into my arms before the tech could even get the band-aid ready. I went deaf momentarily as she squealed. The tech was too happy to stick the bandage on and bolt out the door never to been seen again. I gave Ada the sign language sign for "all done", quickly opened the door, gathered our things and got the heck out of there. Traumatic for us both.

She's fine.

She's off the charts for weight at 23lbs. 3 oz. She's almost off the chart for height 28 and 3/4 inches long. And she's adorable. That's all the Doctoress had to say. That and it's normal for her to walk before she crawls -- if that's what she decides to do. And that it's also normal for girls to be walking at 9 months, and to have some teeth. She's still working on both at this point.

To celebrate the morning's success, we walked next door to Carter's to get Ada a new onsie that says "Daddy loves me" to replace the one she outgrew since it was 50% off. Then we got smacked in the butt by the 10.25% sales tax on the way out the door. Thanks Chicago. We followed that with the usual eat, play, sleep, poop, repeat, routine until about 4 when we experienced quite a treat. Colette and Eva from next door came over for an official "play date" complete with music, toys, and (unfortunately) water for the moms (Colette - we really need to work on this for next time and introduce a little bit of vino or something since you do live next door). Colette and I are chatting away with the babes surrounded by toys when all of a sudden, Eva starts busting out her new moves. She can crawl! Her little butt whipped down to all fours and started trekking across Ada's play mat and my jaw hit the floor. "What the?" "How did that happen?" Mind you, I saw these two ladies on Friday - yes just 3 days ago and didn't see a hint of this action. Colette's response "It just did. I don't know. Crazy isn't it." Then, once I had recovered from my awe of the moment, Eva busts out smooth move number 2. She magically moved from a roll into a crawl. And this isn't some wussy crawl. This is an all out, trucking across the room with a toy in one had and a grin from ear to ear. "Attention: She's mobile."

"Crap. We're screwed."

Stay tuned. Ada's day is just around the corner. She's a ticking time bomb waiting to blow. Wish us luck.

Moral of the story: Be strong whenever you visit the Dr./Dr.ess. and just expect that your kid will scream bloody murder at some point during the visit. This too shall pass.


Rhiannon said...

I found you while looking for solutions for cloth diapers for a newly eating baby.

My son just began solids about a week ago, and the new poop is so different and we're trying to figure it out with the cloth diaper.

Do you have any tips on getting the thick stuff off? What type of cloth do you use?

I feel like I can really relate to your blog, I'll be checking back :)

ay said...

Ada's poop is kinda like play-doh. We actually put the diaper in the toilet and the poop typically falls right off. If it doesn't, we hold the diaper in the toilet and flush it - shaking it out as the water swirls - (too much info I know) and then we wash it in the washing machine in Charlie's soap which I've food to be the best yet. Good luck! --PS I'm not a fan of the Seventh Generation soap.