Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Daycare Nanny Drama Part XXIV

As I've finally learned, this whole nanny/daycare drama b.s. is almost never ending. At least until Ada is old enough to stay home by herself anyway. My mom's words of encouragement most recently were "The best days of my life were not having to buy diapers for you and your brother, and the day I didn't have to find another sitter to watch you guys." So true. Only 8 months into Ada's little life and I completely understand.

Here's the latest.
We hired a sitter. She came for a trial day. She called at noon to say she couldn't get Ada to sleep. I gave her a few things to try. She called again at 1:45 to say still no nap- Ada should have been down twice that day and she had already had a dose of Motrin for her teeth so the fact that she wasn't napping was a bit crazy. I was home by 2 and the sitter was done. Ada was really happy to see me. She just didn't like the woman at all. I get that. We can't all get along all the time.

Following my gut, I had a backup sitter waiting in the wings. She came and is currently watching Ada until we can go back through the process and find a more permanent solution. This current woman has a bad back, needs time of for this, that, and something else, and really just doesn't know what she wants to do in life since she got laid off a few months back and is just trying to figure things out. She's not serious about being a nanny and it shows. But Ada seems to like her okay and it's a good finger in the damn for a few weeks.

So, yep, we're back to the drawing board. Luckily I joined a few weeks back and this will be my third time posting this position online. I received two good applications right after posting the opportunity so that's encouraging. But Rick will be doing the interviews and I'll be taking the support role as I just get too emotionally attached to these people and want to help everyone out. It's tough.

My new list of advice is as follows: Make your husband deal with it. All of it.

Moral of the story: The drama won't end, so you just have to learn to accept it and deal with it as best you can. Try to go with the flow and always trust your gut. It will all work out in the end so just have a little faith.

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