Thursday, September 18, 2008

Handy Dandy Hand Me Downs

I will say, I am a HUGE fan of the Hand Me Downs! Yea, ha! Speaking of... I need to tell my mom and mother-in-law to hold up on the shopping for a bit... hmmm...

So my friend Colette, mother of Eva who is 10 days younger than Ada (and equally big for her age), and neighbor that shares a back parking lot with me -- who just happens to be AWESOME in a million different ways-- was reading a mom post from one of the mom networks we belong to and someone was looking to dump off a bunch of 9-24 month girl clothes to a loving family. Fast response/Super mom Colette was the first to respond and secured the stuff. But not only is that cool, she's so super that she was willing to split the stuff between Ada and Eva. Oh yeah! I ended up doing nothing and made out with a ton of clothes for Ada. Sweet deal if you ask me. I know I owe Colette big for this and many other things she's done for me.

Not knowing what these hand-me-downs would include, Colette ventured up north for the pick up. Turns out, this was the mother load (pun intended). FOUR garbage bags FULL of clothes! JACKPOT! She called me over to divvy up the loot and we had a blast going through all of this stuff. It was adorable and in great shape, and so fun to go through and pick what each of our girls would look good in. Eva has dark hair with the cutest little curls starting to form around her ears and Ada is a light-blue-eyed blond so they each look good in different colors making this way too fun. This woman had shoes and socks and coats and hats and dresses and skirts and leggings and shirts and halter tops and pajamas and on and on and on. I had to break for dinner and go back to finish sorting through our treasure. What a major score.

So this post is dedicated to my fantabulous neighbor, friend, fellow mom, and all around great person Colette. She's made my job as a mom so much easier by being an ear to talk off, a walking buddy to slim the baby belly, a great support in the nanny search, a wise advisor in the ways of child rearing, a good laugh when you need one, a fellow mother of an amazonian baby making me feel less "off the charts" with Ada, a reason to get ice cream or chocolate or both, a benchmark for good mothering, and a fabulous friend. I couldn't ask for more and I will be devastated when she moves to Seattle next year for her husband's job. (sob sob) I still have about nine months before she moves so I'm going to make the best of it and get as many play dates and walks and chit chats in as I can. Oh, and I'm taking applications for her replacement to start next July. She doesn't have big feet but these are some really big shoes to fill. Clown shoes even. She's pretty funny. We might just have to get that video phone thing set up so we can chat on Seattle time. Unfortunately the whole idea of the girls growing up chatting on "phones" made from empty soup cans connected by string from back porch to back porch won't work once they move. :( But I hear Seattle is a great place to vacation so she's not going to get rid of us that easy...

Moral of the story: Fellow moms are worth their baby's weight in gold, and then some. :)(Eva's 23 lbs now too!)

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