Monday, December 8, 2008

The fortress...

In order to better contain Ada in our enormous home (thick sarcasm, really thick), we purchased and installed a baby gate to cut our house in half. This way, we can keep Ada limited to the kitchen, bathroom, and our bedroom or we can let her roam the living room, dining room, and her bedroom. Theoretically, it's a good idea. In practice, I hate the baby gate and already asked Rick to take it down. I spent more time holding it open so she could crawl through it to be in the same room as me than anything else. And it's a pain to open and close and open and close. And even worse when you are trying to find your cell phone or carry her from her room to the bathroom once she's peed all over herself and needs a dip in the tub. So it's down. It will most likely resurface another day when she is walking and really getting into everything. Or when we are working on something she just shouldn't be a part of --like washing the floors, painting the kitchen, or some other random fun that she just shouldn't be part of. Until then, let freedom reign.

Moral of the story: Sometimes containing your child does more to limit your movement than hers.

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