Monday, December 1, 2008

Rockin' it Retro

It's winter and it's cold. I've mentioned how Ada needed a winter coat this year that fits her. The first one we had was too big. My mom went out and got her a coat at Target that is cute and we're using it. At the same time, my mother-in-law went into her basement and found something a little more retro--as in 30 years retro. She still has Rick's winter coat from when he was a baby... and his brother wore it, and his sister wore it. And now Ada's wearing it. It fits great, looks cute and was free. It's in great shape too so we'll be sure to pass it on to the next baby in the family. And rumor has it, she may have some of Rick's sister's old dresses down there too. That's for our next visit... stay tuned.

How's that for recycling?

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