Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The down and dirty of cloth diapers - update

So as you may have read, we are doing cloth diapers. 14 months later we are STILL doing cloth diapers. I will admit that we have been relying a bit more on disposables when we travel and when Ada has the runs because it's just easier.

There are a lot of positives --saving the environment, less cost overall, not ripping the sticky tabs off when you try to fasten the diaper, less diaper rash, less leaks, not having to use two disposables at night, and knowing that I don't have to go to the store to buy diapers every five seconds.

And a few negatives -- rinsing the diapers, washing the diapers, doing all of the diaper laundry, the vile smell of the diaper pail, having to buy several diaper pails to figure out what worked best for us (1 foot high flip lid garbage pails and we still aren't extremely happy with them) -- which could all be solved if we had a diaper service. But that would negate the whole cost savings thing...

So, we're still washing, rinsing, changing, drying, fastening, and for the most part, making cloth diapers work.

That's the update.

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David said...

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