Monday, February 23, 2009

Gaming Baby

I'm not quick to admit that Rick plays Dungeons and Dragons with his family and their family friends, but he does. They've been doing it for years and it's really just a reason to drink, eat foods that are unhealthy, tell stories, and have good ol' man fun--despite having the reputation for being something only nerds do. These guys really are nerds -- but being a nerd isn't all that bad. It has it's perks. And now Ada's on track to be a certified nerd too. See, she's got her very own Dungeons and Dragons t-shirt complete with her character stats. She doesn't have any experience but her dexterity is at a 3 and that's got to mean something good, right?
My co-worker suggested that this could be a real perk to me as a parent since nerds don't tend to run with the "popular crowd". I'm interpreting that to mean mean that I don't have to strictly enforce the no dating til your 32 rule since nerds tend to be slower on the whole dating scene. She might get picked on more, but they say that builds character and will help her deal with others later on in life.
Moral of the story: There are benefits to being a nerdy kid... Mostly for the parents.

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