Monday, February 23, 2009

A walk to the Zoo

One of the many benefits of living in the city is that we are just a 2 mile walk away from our very own Lincoln Park Zoo.... and it's free! Yesterday we needed a destination for our walk and figured if we could make it that far, at least we'd be rewarded by seeing a few animals.

Rick was excited to carry Ada on his shoulders-- being the proud Papa that he is. He's been eager to do this since she was born and enjoyed it for awhile. When she wanted to be held the whole walk home, it got a bit annoying. And when she kept smacking the sides of his head, pulling off his earmuffs, and pushing his hat over his eyes as he was trying to avoid icy patches on the sidewalk, it was downright funny.

I still think the highlight of the trip was seeing the new baby monkey -- not sure what kind but his fellow monkeys were black with funny mohawks. I think his name is Francis and he was born mid-January. I'm amazed at how much he can move around and how independent he can be at just over a month old. It was very entertaining to watch his older buddies put their feet on his head, play with him, bounce on his branch to shake him. We got to see one of the monkeys carry him up the tree while he hung onto their belly. And we got to watch him try to move around without falling off his little branches. Too CUTE!

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