Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Baby Haircuts

It's amazing to me how much Ada's hair has grown since she was born. It's slowly getting longer and I've tried to keep it out of her face and I've trimmed it across the back so she didn't look shaggy. I've trimmed her bangs once or twice to prevent her from being poked in the eye every five seconds and looking like a sheep dog. But now, I'm getting pretty fed up with her hair because Rick, of all people, doesn't want me to trim her bangs so that we can grow them out. Not being a woman or ever having long hair, I think he really has no vote in this matter but I'm humoring him... and complaining that her hair is in her eyes every chance I get.

Maybe it would be easier if she'd keep barrettes in her hair or wear a headband or if it was long enough to pull back --but she won't and it isn't. Hence my problem.

So today, before Rick snuck out for work, I decided on a new strategy. I got the hairspray out. I put two squirts worth on my hand. And I slicked Ada's bangs off to the side of her face. Done. It likely won't last long the way she eats and fusses with it but so far, so good. And the best part is, I can see her pretty blue eyes. Awwww...

Moral of the story: A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do to keep the peace and sanity in the house. Just try not to tick off your spouse while doing it.

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