Friday, July 24, 2009

The limitations of a blog...

no writing about family drama because they may read it and get mad,
no writing about friend drama because they may read it and cry or yell at you,
no writing about work drama because someone may read it and fire you,
and no writing about anything too personal because, well, it's personal.

I think the blog is so successful because she throws all of that out the window and just gets it all off her chest. That and she's funny, has great stories, and has a Mormon buzz about her family that is interesting to most of the country that doesn't understand Mormons. It helps that she has great photos, two dogs, two kids, and a crazy life. Oh, and she started way before blogging was cool.

Until I lose all qualms about posting any old thing, you can bet your bunny I'll be silently censoring my posts, while burning inside internally. I guess that way I'll still have content left over for my tell all book. I'll be sure to post all about it when it goes on sale-- but don't hold your breath.

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