Monday, September 21, 2009

Anna's 3!

Happy Birthday Anna!
Who knew that two and three-year-olds can bowl(let alone pick up a bowling ball)? I had never really considered it before this weekend. But I think they had a lot of fun. The bowling alley back home has a contraption to launch the bowling balls down the lane and the bumpers prevent them from getting gutter balls. That just makes it harder for me to have a better score than my almost-two-year-old... Rick at least broke 100... I think I was in the mid 90s... and the creepy part is that Rick and I had the same score for the first 7 rounds, until he broke away and beat me by about 20 points. At least I still beat Ada's score boosted by bumpers and that contraption... but anyway...
Here's the cake... WOW! Turns out miss Anastasia wants to live in a castle so she got a castle cake. Helps with the princess theme that she is named after a princess (or two if you count princess Anne and all iterations thereof...)

And here are the little monsters at the post-party-pizza-party. (This is the birthday party that never ends... yes it goes on and on my friends... ) Needless to say, the proof is in the pictures. They had a little bit of fun.

Thanks to uncle Rob and aunt Michelle for putting on such a fab party. And to DD for the post-party.
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