Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day, Go Go Go

To grandma's to get Ada (she stayed at Ba's and we stayed at DDs).
A nice breakfast date for us while Ada and Ba got in a few more tickles.
From breakfast, straight to Chicago.
From unloading and parking the car, to the WOOGMS (Wellington Oakdale Old Glory Marching Society) Parade down the street.
At the parade, the Jessie White Tumbling Team preformed and we made new friends (imagine that... Ada got some random woman to give her a little flag and I met a new mom neighbor who's daughter is 10 days older than Ada --whereas Colette was on the other side of our house and Eva was 10 days younger than Ada... freaky).

Within five seconds of getting home and closing the front door, our friend Bob arrived.
Rick made lunch as the men prepared for the pending fantasy draft down the street.
Ada and I went down for naps as they snuck out the front door.
Awake in time for dinner.
While they fantasized about football, we dined with our friend Lisa who lives just blocks away.
We walked Lisa home and on the way back, we happened to walk by as Rick and Bob were leaving the draft and we snapped them back into reality.
Once home, we started playing our favorite board game--Settlers of Catan.
Ada crashed soon thereafter.
Bob won, then went home.
9pm, time for bed.

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