Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rick? Where's Ada?

This past weekend we were packing to go to Sycamore for a few days of family fun, football games, fantasy drafts, and food. Actually, Rick was packing and I was trying to get in another four hours of work before we left.

Once my four hours was up and I'd finished what I was doing, I asked, "Rick, where's Ada?"
"She's in our room on the bed." he replied nonchalantly.
"How long has she been in there alone?" I question as I start walking toward our bedroom.
"I donno. Awhile I guess."
I walk though our doorway and there she is, happy as a clam and smelling to high heaven of Calvin Kline cologne.
"Ricky, you've got to come see this."
Ada's sitting in the middle of our bed, gnawing on the exposed tube that peaks out of the top of the cologne bottle and typically sits under the spray cap. She's removed the lid and the spray cap, they lay discarded on the bed, and she is having a grand old time chewing on that little tube.
"She must be teething."
"At least she didn't swallow the cap or drink the cologne."
"Boy does she ever smell."
"How about you not leave her alone like this again, okay."
"It was just a few minutes."
"My point exactly."

Moral of the story: What kids can get into, they will get into.

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