Monday, October 12, 2009

More Fun = Fun

I have a theory...

Whoever Ada has more fun with, she naps less for.

Whoever she has less fun with, she naps for longer periods of time.

Whenever she's having fun, her naps seem to be about 45 minutes, sometimes less. But if she's having a pretty lame day, she seems to take the opportunity to take a 2 hour nap to catch up on sleep or prepare for the lack of sleep she'll get on the really fun days.

I say this because I think Alison is way more fun than I am and Ada had a good week or two where she'd nap for a few hours for me but only 45 minutes or an hour for Alison, knowing that Will might wake up before her and get playtime in and she'd be missing out. Clearly, she was having more fun with Alison and Will than with lame old mom.

This theory makes me feel better because she used to nap for 3 or 4 hours for Courtney and I was so mad that she wasn't taking naps on my days, when I should have been really happy that she was just saving her energy for my "more fun" days. See...

But then, I also thought if you were more fun and did more, you'd tire her out faster and she'd need a long nap to recover. In that case, more fun = longer nap. So which is it?

Moral of the story: Sometimes, being less fun has it's privileges --one being longer naps. OR the same can be said for being more fun. (Depending on which theory you subscribe to.) Either way, always being more fun, well, is always more fun.

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