Sunday, October 18, 2009

Talking Christmas? Already???

I know it's two months away. But I'm already getting requests and inquiries.

"What are you doing for Ada's birthday?" (December 19th)
"Do you have a Christmas list for her yet?" (Christmas isn't until December 25th mind you)

Woah, Nellie.

Talk about getting a head start on the holidays.

To humor all of the generous people who enjoy spoiling my child, here is what I've come up with as a suggested list of interests and possible gift ideas:

*Rick and I have a parental preference for things that:
  1. don't contain lead (crazy I know)
  2. don't have small parts she can choke on
  3. are wooden or from Oompa Toys
  4. don't say "some assembly required" (come on, I have to put that out there)
  5. won't cost us a monthly/annual upkeep fee
  6. don't have annoying buttons that she can hit over and over and over to drive me insane(Like the pink pony that says --"I'm a magical unicorn, rainbow colors and glowing horn. We'll have so much fun today, when you come with me and play." --she really likes it but it sure does test my sanity some days!)
  7. won't cause massive bodily harm to our feet when we step on them while barefoot
  8. are safe to be chewed on (everything goes into her mouth at some point)
  9. encourage her to use the potty (will the diaper stage ever end?)
  10. fit in her room (preferably in a nice, neat little space like her storage bins, dresser, or closet)
  11. won't leave permanent marks on my floors, walls or the front of my dishwasher
  12. are educational
  13. increase the value of her college fund
  14. are durable enough to be passed on
  15. are good for the environment
  16. can fit in our car so we can get them home
  17. will entertain her for more than just the day she opens them
  18. aren't all pink
  • are musical - Most parents would be against toys that make a lot of noise. Ada has such a strong interest in music that I can't deprive her of that joy and therefore I kindly request that any musical instruments are accompanied by earplugs for Rick and I. And don't anyone go crazy and think I mean a full size drum set or piano. It won't fit in her room. She's not going to be backup drummer for any rock band that I know of anytime soon. Give it a couple of years. Drum, Flute, Maracas, Piano, Tambourine, Xylophone, etc.
  • encourage her to dance. - Music with a beat (along the lines of, but not suggesting, Beyonce/Britney/Miley Cyrus.) Classes at Old Town School of Music. Gymnastics falls under this interest too maybe?
  • can be pulled or pushed - a doll stroller, a train on a string (she has a shopping cart--and loves it. In fact, she got it from DD already as a Christmas gift, albeit a little early)
  • transport stuff. - Trucks, Cars, Trains, Planes, Buses
  • get us out of the house. - Tickets to museums, play places.
  • encourage play - Wooden Kitchen set, puppets, building blocks for her architect of a dad, bath toys (she only has a rubber duck right now),
  • encourage sport and exercise. - balls, basket ball and hoop, bowling set,
  • teach her how to swim. - Swim lessons, water wings, etc.
  • involve fruit. She eats a banana a day so I wouldn't be opposed to a fruit-of-the-month-club for her. It really would be the gift that keeps on giving.
  • go to charity.

Like I said, these are suggestions, ideas, areas of interest to be used as inspiration.

Moral of the story: All she needs is love, food, shelter and clean diapers --which she has plenty of. There are so many people, places and things out there in need. Please be generous in their direction this holiday season.

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