Monday, October 12, 2009

A New Car!

It's been a few weeks now but I'm just now getting around to posting about our "new" car. It's "new" to us since it isn't our Blue Honda Civic. Now we have Rick's parents former CRV. Presently known as our "new" Black CRV. Rick's parents love passing stuff down to their kids when they decide to shake things up and keep life exciting. They love trading cars or passing them on, and their generosity is flat out amazing. (And much appreciated I must add.)

Their one catch is that we "pay it forward". They paid for Rick's college, so we in turn need to pay for out kid's college. They bought Rick's first car back from him when we went down to one car, and they just recently shipped it to Rick's sister on the East coast. And now they swapped our Civic for their newer, more valuable, bigger CRV. Somehow we always get the better end of the deal. In this case Rick conveniently forgot the checkbook and only had one check so they got stuck paying the $80 bill for our registration while we pay the$15 transfer fee or something silly like that. They even picked up the tab on breakfast that day. We're so spoiled. Even so, I think it's a win-win situation because they really like doing stuff like this for us. And if we weren't good kids, I don't think they'd do it. Of course, we are good kids. Or Rick is and I just get to ride on his coattails and bask in his greatness. And they might favor Rick over his brother and sister just a little bit because he's the oldest and he supplied them with their first grandchild. And they kind of like her (a lot, like a really really lot, a lot). So maybe it doesn't have anything to do with us and is really all about Ada? Hmmmm.... interesting... Or maybe it's just so I can't complain when they spoil her with too many toys over the holidays because now I'll be able to fit them all in the back of the CRV. Or maybe now they expect us to go camping more often because we can't make the excuse that we have too much stuff to bring... Or maybe... they're just awesome in-laws.

(Note: I must mention that my parents are equally awesome in that they have also given us a car when mine puttered out. And they paid for my college education. And they give us meat from their garage freezer every time we go home. And they insist on paying when we go out to eat. And they spoil the heck out of Ada too. Now do you understand why I'm so busy? I'm trying to keep up with all this niceness from both sides of our families so that I can pay it all forward. It's a full-time gig. Thanks Mom and Dad!)

Moral of the story: Give thanks when anyone does something nice for you. Be appreciative of it. And reciprocate by doing something nice for someone else. That's what will continue to make the world a beautiful place.

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