Friday, June 13, 2008

Accentuate the Positives

Many of my blogs have an "it's tough being a mom" theme so today I decided to sing a different note. Don't worry, I won't really sing...

So the positives of having a baby...

Her smiling face makes it all worthwhile.

You get to take credit for all of the awesome things she does - like when Ada started sucking her thumb, albeit momentarily. Dad's pretty excited about that.

She's super fun to cuddle with. And when she holds on to you for fear of falling, it almost feels like a hug. It's pretty awesome to think that this little thing thinks you are the most important person in the world.

You are proud of every little milestone, and feel the need to share it with friends -"She's pooping solids! Yippee! We're so proud."

And when she whacks at the spoon as you try to feed her and sends food flying through the air you can make easy, quick jokes - "Her father taught her that." "She's in training for the 2020 Olympics. By then, Food Fighting should be a competitive sport."

The smiles and attention you get walking down the street with a baby.

Free time when she is busy entertaining herself on her play mat or in her bouncy seat.

Being bustier and able to eat a lot, from nursing.

Getting buff arm muscles from holding her and lifting her up and down.

Redecorating your house as part of baby proofing and making room for a nursery. (Note: I didn't say "remodeling" but "redecorating" instead.

Using the fact that you have kids as an excuse for having a messy house.

The feeling of accomplishment when someone compliments your parenting skills - "She sleeps through the night! That's awesome! You guys must be doing something right."

The feeling of good fortune when you realise how rare it is for your child to sleep through the night.

Forming closer relationships with relatives since they all want to spend time with the baby.

As a form of entertainment, babies are excellent performers. Watching her expression as she eats a food she doesn't like is quite fun. And the enormous smile you get just from shaking her legs or blubbering your lips can entertain for hours.

She's a great reason to get the camera you've always wanted - watch for the improved photos to be posted soon.

And how awesome is it that I created a new person to roam on the earth? I think that is the best part.

Moral of the story: Kids are a ton of work but they bring so many good times, memories, and laughs that it is all worthwhile a million times over. So get to procreating already!

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Bayjb said...

I do need to work much more on my arm muscles for that little angel. And you're right, seeing her smile last weekend was perfect. I just need to her to cuddle with me now and get a picture of her smiling.