Monday, June 30, 2008

Kennel vs. bus locker?

When I removed Ada from daycare after we decided it wasn't working, my father made a comment I will never forget.

Amanda: "I pulled Ada from daycare. It just wasn't working out and she wasn't adjusting to it."
Dad: "Well, that's okay. Sometimes it doesn't work out."
Amanda: "It's just stressful because it is really hard to get into a daycare in the city."
Dad: "You can always put her in a kennel."

After analyzing that statement, it makes perfect sense. I'd pay about the same amount on a daily basis, she'd get groomed, her nails would be clipped, she'd get to play with the other "kids", they'd pick up her poop, she'd be well fed, exercised, and would have plenty of one-on-one attention and time for naps. Not a bad idea.

Then talking to my boss about how daycare wasn't able to spend one-on-one time with her, wanted her to be able to play by herself and be more independent, etc.
Me: "I had to pull Ada out of daycare since it wasn't a good fit for her. They wanted her to play on her own and be an easy baby, nap a lot, entertain herself. My dad said I should just put her in a kennel but that seems to be too expensive."
My boss: "Well, if they aren't going to give her one-on-one attention and interact with her, you might as well put her in one of those storage lockers at the bus station. Aren't they just a quarter? And you could leave her there indefinitely. Just stop by every so often to change her diaper, feed her. That's way cheaper than $100 a day and she'd get the same treatment."

Moral of the story: It's always good to have people in your life who can find the humor in a stressful situation.

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