Monday, June 30, 2008

Homemade with love

For those of you who are a bit crafty like me, it is

a big deal to make baby blankets for people who are having a baby. And an even bigger deal when the crafty person finishes the project before the intended recipient turns 25 and no longer needs a baby blanket. Many mothers have tried to make something for their children only to get caught up in life, never to finish the projects they started.

Ada is lucky to have a lot of people who are crafty who love her as she has a collection of homemade blankets. She has one from her great grandma Helen (who passed away just a few months before Ada was born, crocheted with a border finished by her great aunt Connie), her grandma Barb (crocheted), her mom's friend Cassie (knitted), her mom's friend Heather (a quilt with her name and birthday sewn on it), her mom's friend Lorraine (cross stitched), and finally me - her mom (knitted, seen above, and finished before Ada turned 7 months old - which is a big deal for crafty people trying to get things done on time). She also has handmade hats (Amanda, Rebecca, Sherry O), a poncho (Rebecca), sweaters (Sherry O, Barb, me someday hopefully), booties (Cassie, Rebecca), and even a sock elephant with a dress and a bow in her hair (Cassie).

The times when mothers made all of their children's clothes has pretty much passed us by. But I'm proud to say that I was able to knit a blanket for my baby to enjoy as a constant reminder that she is loved. I started it months before she was born and it spent hours draped across the belly that she called home for 10 months. Hopefully it will spend many more hours providing her warmth and a sense of security as she grows into a beautiful woman.

Moral of the story: The love that goes into a handmade gift for a baby is unmatched. If you're crafty, consider sharing that love with a little bundle of joy in your life.

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Bayjb said...

Wow the blanket turned out great!! I love it. Bring it this week so I can see it in person :)