Sunday, August 10, 2008

Reasons I'm thankful for a 7 month old

She's always in a good mood in the morning greeting you with a beaming smile.
Her funny hair makes me laugh.
She's really fun to play with.
She's more efficient and effective than a breastpump.
Her smile is highly contagious.
She's big enough to fit in the stroller without the car seat now which lightens my load.
My biceps are buff from lifting her.
My body is almost pre-baby again and I still have big boobs. Yippee!
I've met some fabulous people and made several new friends thanks to her.
We spend more time with family.
Seeing her with Rick is priceless.
Seeing my serious father make faces at her is hilarious.
I get to learn a little spanish and baby sign language -- that makes me trilingual right?
I love my new job and the flexibility of it.
I get to work 25 hours a week and play with Ada the rest.
She gets me out of the house.
She's a great excuse for a messy house.
Sending out her monthly photo updates helps me keep in touch with friends.
She's a great excuse not to do things -- "I can't honey, I'm feeding the baby."
She lets' me take a shower while she plays on the floor next to the tub -- but not for long.
She gives great hugs.
She only poops once a day, and often when with a sitter.
She cries less often, and sings more often.
Her hum is soothing.
She adds joy and love to my life.
It's entertaining to watch her learn to crawl.
She helps me realize how lucky I am.
She helps me see the bigger picture in life and not get caught up on the small stuff.
She is fun to cuddle with.

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Bayjb said...

I do love that baby bigtime. The video of her from Sunday is just too cute for words. It's so nice to be reminded how easily a baby is entertained and the little things that make her happy. We do need to work on her cuddling with me more :)