Friday, August 8, 2008

Tornado Baby!

Back in the day... when it was just Rick and I... if a tornado siren went off, we'd get excited, stare out the windows and eventually maybe take cover under the stairs. But now that we have Ada, protocol has changed. Last Monday night, the sirens when off in the city and we had a debate on our hands. While wondering is this for real? Do we really need to take cover or am I just hearing things? Can we just hang out until it sounds like a train is coming and then jump under the stairs? The problem this time was that Ada was peacefully asleep in her crib and as they say, you never wake a sleeping baby... unless the tornado sirens are going off.

So Rick grabbed Ada and hid under the stairs while I grabbed a flashlight, cell phone and check the weather channel online. Ada just stared at Rick until it was over, then went right back to sleep. And luckily, the tornado threat passed us by.

Moral of the story: Rules should always be made with exceptions, and tornados are always an exception.

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