Monday, August 18, 2008

Three days away...

Ada turns 8 months old tomorrow and I decided this past weekend it was time for me to get some much needed mommy alone time. So I pumped like crazy and stocked as much milk as I could manage and took the Megabus to Minneapolis. Yes, the Megabus. I would have flown but since flights were $400, it just wasn't going to happen. $50 and 8 hours each way later, I had a lovely trip to the twin cities.

I've only left Ada for about 24 hours before so this was a big deal, kinda. I was worried about taking the bus as I typically don't travel well, but it was actually quite nice. And I ran into an old friend on the bus returning home (it's a small la la). Crazy. But I will say, to all you mom's out there who haven't taken a break, for pete's sake, do it! It was awesome. I missed my husband more than the baby and it was so nice to get to sleep in until 10:30 or 11 in the morning -- granted I was staying out until 2 am and partying like a crazy woman five years my junior but I won't get to do it again anytime soon as I can tell.

And what made my weekend so fabulous? Hmmm... we'll, I got to wear my friend's cute clothes, have fun girltime, go shopping with no sales tax -- major bonus when you live in Chicago, and oh, yeah, I got to see MC Hammer and Cindy Lauper in concert in a combined fashion show benefit called glamorama. And they were awesome! Hammer really is too legit to quit. And Cindy's buff for her age. Wow. Very entertaining. I ate well, walked too much which was good for me and my attempt to attack the last few lingering lbs of baby weight, and probably did more damage to my finances than I care to admit. But I did get a deal at a garage sale where a woman my size was unloading cute tops for cheap. 11 tops later, I had to do some creative packing to get home.

Well, I could go on and on, but I'm sleep deprived and really want to crash. One last thing, in all my worrying about not having enough breast milk for the 3 days away, I came home just in time as Rick ran out the night before I got home and I was here at 6:30 to wake Ada up and feed her. Now I just have to get her to eat all of the milk I collected on the trip before it goes bad. Who said motherhood was easy? Milk coordination should be a degree.

Moral of the story: Live a little, don't stress about the baby, and just go do something for yourself every once and awhile. It does wonders on your dark circles (in theory that is, assuming you actually get some sleep instead of partying like a crazy momma in 4 inch heals). Oh, and pack some band-aids for all of your new found blister friends.

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