Friday, August 7, 2009

Nanny update #623

Believe it or not, we've eaten up yet another nanny. Courtney has gone back to grad school full time and now Ada's off to spend her three days a week with a friend of ours who lives just around the corner and down the street.

I will say that I learn a lot from each nanny we have. Be it that I am more or less picky than I think, that I really do want them to try to keep the place neat, that I am more of a neat freak than I think and can't stand having sand on the floor, that I hate it when they leave all the lights on, that I abhor it when they use a million paper towels a day, etc. etc. etc.

I'm not really looking forward to having to take Ada somewhere else, but I am hoping that she gets along with our friend's son who is about 3 months older, and that she learns to talk more since she's around him. We'll see. I'm also excited about having less diapers to do, less food to buy, and less messes to clean up since our friend will be handling all of that at her house instead of mine. Yahooey!

We'll see how it goes. Wish us all luck with the transition.

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