Friday, August 7, 2009

Naps, oh naps...

I've been pretty annoyed over the past few weeks with our most recent nanny. Not that she's doing a bad job or anything like that, no. It's because Ada keeps taking three or four hour naps on days that the nanny is here and only one or two-hour naps when I'm here.That could mean a few things...

1. I'm way cooler than the nanny and Ada wants to spend more time with me so she uses Nanny days to catch up on her sleep. (doubtful)

2. The nanny has been drugging her or denying her any sugar or caffeine. (no chance)

3. The nanny stays in the back of the house and doesn't walk near Ada's door, thereby preventing the floor from creaking and waking her up. (maybe, getting warmer)

4. The nanny is more entertaining than I am and Ada needs more sleep to recuperate from all the fun they have together. (likely.

No matter what it means, it really ticks me off because I'm paying someone to hang out in my house for three or four hours (out of nine) and my child isn't even awake. And it's not like she's scrubbing my bathroom. She might fold Ada's laundry or empty out the dishwasher but that's all I'm getting for my $12/hour. Doesn't really seem like the best deal to me. At least if I'm home, I can get in a few hours of work and catch up on my blogging or do something crafty and feel productive.

Thankfully, the nanny is done and Ada has taken two LONG naps while I've been here this week which makes me uber happy and even more productive. LOVE IT. (It helps that I asked the nanny her secret and she said she just tires Ada out in the morning by going to the park and playing until she can't play anymore. Works like a charm.)

Moral of the story: Give them all you've got in the morning and they'll give you a break in the afternoon (hopefully).

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