Friday, August 14, 2009


so far today... Ada knocked over the water cup next to my bed. She woke up at 6 and I brought her into our room to encourage her to sleep. Instead, she decided to jump on us and play with things on the dresser that she's not allowed to, including said large water cup. Just as my mom was coming in to rescue us (she's watching Ada today), Ada knocked my water off the dresser and soaked the pillows, bed and everything beyond. Poor sleep deprived Rick had to pull the bed out, clean up all the water, kill all the monster dust bunnies, and then take the bed apart and put it all back together again. How's that for a 6 am wake-up call?

Then as Rick and I were talking and getting lunches packed, he knocked over my mom's tea on the kitchen counter.

And in true Amanda fashion, I just punched my water glass at work while putting on my sweater (yes, my soccer mom white sweater because it's cold in my office even if it is 80 degrees and sunny outside. Damn Air Conditioning!) and soaked my desk, post-it notes, and a roll of drawings. Oops.

That's what I call a family tri-fecta. First Ada, then Daddy, then me. Woo-hoo-ie!

At least a few things got cleaned in the process... now if only I could get back that missing hour of sleep...

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