Sunday, January 3, 2010

Now available in a Book

For those of you who follow my blog, my father insisted that I compile it all into a book. (He's also insisting I hand deliver it to Oprah at Harpo Studios but I know they have MANY levels of security preventing such silliness so that's out of the question.)

So here it is. Volume 1 is available featuring Ada's first year, minus the 3 months it took me to realize I should blog about all of this mom stuff. Volume 2 will be available shortly.

It's a softcover book. Rick designed the cover - and accidentally left my brother out of the photo montage so we'll be paying for that for the next decade... oh well. :)

Feel free to pass it on to friends who are expecting or just had their first child, or who are considering procreating. This just might scare them silly. It could be a great contraceptive if needed as well.

Thanks to all for your support. (and sorry for any typos. i'm my own editor and my grammer ain't the best.)