Friday, January 8, 2010

Resolution and Pregnancy Update

So tired. Oh so tired. Just want to nap.

This will be short since Ada just went down for a nap, which means it is time for me to nap too.

New Year's Resolutions:
So far, it's 8 days into the new year and I haven't bought anything except food. And I'm reusing what I've got. And I have an appointment to pick up some quilting fabric I am getting from a fellow freecycler so the compact is in tact. -Albeit my book club is a bit concerned that I have gone crazy because the whole idea of not buying anything new for a year just blows them away. It made for a really great discussion this past week though --which was needed since Up In The Air by Walter Kirn left much to be desired.

Monday was a cooking marathon. I went to Costco and learned how to shop Costco and find good deals on whole wheat pasta, organic canned tomatoes, and even bought some quinoa. We then chopped, diced, and sauteed, and I learned to make a mirepoix to create a yummy pasta and bean soup. And we cooked up the quinoa and added some beans, tomato, avocado, hard-boiled eggs and a vinaigrette to make a delicious lunch salad. So yummy. Then we reorganized my kitchen cabinets to make my pantry more efficient and accessible. Love it. And Sarah even emailed me a homework assignment using all of the contents in my pantry to make a black bean soup. I hope to get to that tonight or tomorrow. Then we'll be back at it Monday with Spaghetti Bologonese.

and the pregnancy update...
Little to report. I'm getting bigger. Now moved into my maternity wardrobe. Tired. Having the weirdest dreams, so much so that I'm wondering if I ever accidentally did acid at some point in time or, if anyone has ever studied the similarities between hormones during pregnancy and chemicals in the brain induced by drugs. (Seriously, a big brown bear bit me in my parents front yard. Ada and Eva got kidnapped. And I can't tell you how many times I've been attacked, chased, or otherwise pursued. SO beyond weird.) Picky about what I'm eating. Repulsed by smells. And my favorite... unable to complete thoughts, finish sentences, or come up with common words like "dishwasher" "basket" or "door". It's awesome. Did I mention the headaches? Yeah. I've had several hangovers without having touched a drop of alcohol in my pregnancy... and yes, I'm hydrating.

Moral of the story: All is well and I'm too busy living life in the new year (and napping) to write about it.

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