Friday, January 15, 2010

The Path to Potty Training

We are one step closer. Ada can now say "Poop" and "Pee". She can't tell us when she needs to do either, but that's something we are working toward. She also can't tell me when she has a poopy diaper, which would have been REALLY helpful this week when I made her walk home from Alison's house after work. She normally enjoys the walk as it tends to be uneventful. This time she was screaming her head off and wanting to be carried. I'm not carrying her (or at least trying my best not to) at this point since she's 35 lbs and I'm 17 weeks pregnant--not a good combination.

What I thought was her whining in order to be carried, later turned out to be her screaming at me because her poopy diaper was causing a rash on her leg due to it's acidic content. Oops! Bad mom points for me. At least now I'll know for next time.

On a positive note, she does like to sit on the potty. She also likes to play a game where she sits down on the potty, then stands up, then sits down, then stands up, all the while laughing. I take that as a good sign since she seems to like the potty. Now if only we could get her to connect the idea that the poop and pee go into the potty, we'd be all set. Wish us luck with that.

Moral of the story: If your kid is screaming at you, it's a good idea to check their diaper before assuming the are just being needy.


Chad Wilke said...

Mackenzie got excited over cute underwear (which I don't know how this fits under your compact rule) but if you can deal with some accidents over a weekend it might help with the process. - Melissa

Amanda said...

I agree having cool undies helps. I told Isaac that he didn't want to pee on Thomas the Tank.