Monday, March 15, 2010

Break Down #2

There was a lot of rain in the forecast last week but that had nothing to do with Friday's flood.

Sometimes, when you are a parent, especially a pregnant, hormonal parent, you just get overwhelmed. Friday was one of those days.

For starters, I'm not sleeping for about two hours right around four in the morning each day. I've got a cold, with an occasional cough, a small bladder that interrupts my sleep with frequent bathroom visits during the night, and my diet is still wonky which tends to result in four am heartburn-like symptoms.

Combine all of that with Rick working crazy hours on deadline after deadline and being stressed out at his work with me not having Internet access for a week and trying to get my work done when I'm short on hours and trying to meet a deadline of my own.

Then you pile on Ada's adjustment to her second week of day care and her new found ability to be sassy and test my limits, with my impatience and short fuse and what do you get?


A full on meltdown when the AT&T technician calls to say they want to set up a courtesy appointment to check the Internet jack when they come to install our "dry loop" on Monday after they clearly PROMISED me I would have an Internet connection by midnight on Friday (after promising it would be by Wednesday morning originally). Can this big American corporation be more out of touch with its customers? Or any worse with customer service? I think not.

So what did I do after learning I wouldn't have Internet until Monday? I called Rick. I vented terribly, frequently using swear words I'm sworn off of now that I'm a responsible adult and parent, surely sending my blood pressure to the moon and causing my child-in-utero to think his momma has completely lost it, and then I started crying. And boy did it feel good. Poor Rick just listened and probably feared for Ada's well being as I was clearly having an unstable moment as she was mashing a sticky apple wedge all over the couch and coffee table. It was AWESOME!

Thankfully, when you have a crazy mom meltdown in front of your two-year-old, her response is to try to cheer you up because she doesn't understand why you are sobbing uncontrollably but wants it to stop so the focus will again be on her. Once I wiped the apple of the couch, table and her face and hands, she was actually quite funny and made me laugh a few chuckles... but... as soon as my tears were dry, she went right back to being sassy by refusing to get her diaper changed or to settle down for a nap. All she wanted to do was play. All I wanted to do was scream.

Moral of the story: When tough days happen, have faith that tomorrow will be a better day.

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