Sunday, March 7, 2010

More Teeth? Seriously?

On top of having a kind of tough week starting day care and all, Ada is apparently teething. She spent all day yesterday with everything in her mouth she could get her hands on. I already packed away most of her teething toys and was tempted last night to get her a big stick. I do have one teething ring left in the freezer and we tried to explain that her hand won't freeze if she wraps a wash cloth around the part she holds--which she later went along with.

She was like a puppy with a rawhide bone. I've never see her crew so aggressively before.

I'm sure it's her back teeth --2 year molars?- but she is gnawing on the front ones. I made the mistake of putting my finger in her mouth to examine her back molars and she darn near bit it off.

Poor kid. At least she is sleeping better and happy that she has a four day weekend with Mom and two days of Dad.

Moral of the story: Just when you think you've learned how to deal with something, like teething, it comes back and bites you in a different way, so you have to adjust your strategy and start all over.

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