Monday, April 28, 2008

Facination with fans?

Why is it that babies love ceiling fans so much? Either on or off, Ada never seems to get tired of the ceiling fan. This weekend, while napping on Granny and Grandpa's bed, she awoke and just laid their staring at the fan. Round and round. If it weren't for me peeking in to check on her and noticing the newest member of the family - Sadie the one-year-old beagle who joined Aunt Terri's family one day prior- was circling Ada on the bed, she may have stared at the fan while I enjoyed my lunch. But most moms know, if your food is hot, the baby is fussy.

All you potential parents out there, heed my warning: "Get it while it's hot" means enjoy eating a meal while it still harbors some warmth from the kitchen. Oh, and get a ceiling fan to bring joy into your child's life.

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