Friday, April 25, 2008

First Impressions

This week I was blessed to have my good friend Cadence come visit to meet our little angel. Unfortunately for everyone, our little angel wasn't feeling her best and decided to show Cady her more devilish side. She got her four month shots on Monday and spent Cadence's Wednesday and Thursday visit being a fussy mess. She was at daycare both days which left little time to make the ever important first impression. Lucky for all of us, she was in bed at seven and their meeting was kept short. During that small window of time, however, Ada was able to show off her amazing ability to throw up on mommy at every opportunity. She also displayed her vocal talents by practicing a wide variety of screams, some during the middle of the night as she put on a waterworks show from her diaper that even the Bellagio can't compete with. And she couldn't pass up an opportunity to let Cadence know she has the fortitude and lung capacity to make sure the entire north side of the city of Chicago is aware that she has arrived. Hopefully auntie Cadence will be overwhelmed by Ada's adorableness, forget all the drama of the weekend, and return again soon. Maybe I just should have given her a few more of Ceasar's Killer Margaritas. Better luck next time baby.

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