Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Crib Sheets Make Me Cry

I understand that SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) is very dangerous and researchers haven't figured it out yet, yada yada. I get that baby needs to sleep on her back and suck a pacifier if she'll take one so that she can breath easily and have less of a chance of suffocation. It even makes sense that you wait to use the crib bumpers, pillows and stuffed animals in the crib. (Which is why it baffles me that they even sell crib bumpers since we aren't supposed to use them, whatever.) But is it really necessary to make the dang crib sheets so tight that I can't get them on? Seriously? I dread any time Ada soils her crib sheet because I am barely strong enough to change it. And I'm not patient so that doesn't help either. (This is why my husband makes or bed too. I guess I hate doing it.)

Yesterday morning, Ada leaked on her sheet a bit so I took it off and asked my hot, buff, manly man husband to change it before he went to work. Of course, he forgot. So at 6:30 at night, when I'm ready to put Ada down after a long day at day care, I notice there is no sheet on the crib. "*$%!"? I yell. "Darn it Rick!" Then I remember he is on a deadline at work and I try to sympathize. Nope. Didn't work. So I set Ada in the glider while I attempt to put the crib sheet on. You would think I was getting my butt kicked by a 500 lb gorilla if you saw me in action. What a sight. I'm struggling to lift the mattress, get the four corners secured and Ada is screaming at the tippy top of her lungs -- like I've just taken her to the Dr. (Doctoress) for her shots-- and I'm seconds away from tears when I channel my anger into the fourth corner of the @#$%*^& sheet and it finally gives way. Whew! Breakdown narrowly averted.

Since the fourth corner is the worst, it makes me hesitate to fix the corner of one of her sheets that I ripped while trying to put it on a few weeks ago. (We have four crib sheets since she is really good at soiling them). At least I can get that one on, sort of, I mean, it won't stay on but so what? Who needs crib sheets anyway?

Moral of the story: I CAN change a crib sheet-- I don't LIKE to but I am ABLE, you can't always rely on your husband to do the things you hate to do just because you hate doing them (he might hate doing them too), and there is no use crying over tight crib sheets-- unless it helps you get the fourth corner over the mattress, then go for it.

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Amanda said...

You so need "The Ultimate Crib Sheet" This is what we use. We have a regular sheet on underneath. But, this way if in the middle of the night anything happens you can just remove this easy as pie and not have to worry about putting on a new sheet right away. It is so much easier to put on/take off and Isaac has never pulled at the edges or tried to figure out the snaps.