Monday, May 19, 2008

Teething, Still

This is the face of teething.
Ada miserable, in pain, chewing on dad's hand for some relief.
And Dad, equally miserable, in pain from listening to her struggle with her teeth, knowing that the teething medicine isn't working, the Tylenol isn't working, the cuddling, bouncing, shushing, kissing, massaging, and ice chewy things aren't working either.
For as easy as pregnancy was, and as quick as my labor was, and the fact that she wasn't colicky, and I don't have stretch marks, I'm getting my just desserts now that she is teething.

If only we can make it a few more (days, weeks, months - how long do these damn things take already?)...

Moral of the story: Teething still sucks, it has thus far, it always will, and I'd still rather deal with her screaming than give her "a bit of rum on her gums" to take care of it.

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