Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Day in the Life of Ada’s Wardrobe

It’s May 4, 2008.
6:30 am
Ada wakes up wearing a plain white onsie under her pajamas which I think resemble something Moses would wear back in the day, only pink with butterflies. Rick changes her into her first outfit for the day – a white onsie with grey and pink stripped pants, white socks.

8 am
She and mom were hanging out on the couch, having breakfast and threw up on Mom’s teal shirt (Mom shirt #1) and herself. Outfit #2 for the day - Elephant onsie with blue pants, same white socks.

9:30 am
Ada threw up all over. It’s time for a shower. Dad got started, Mom passed Ada to Dad but before the hand off could happen, Baby pooped on Mom’s teal tank top (Mom shirt #2) and black shorts (Mom pants #1). While in the shower, she threw up on Dad. Mom towels her off, diapers her up and puts her in a onsie for her nap.

11 am
Jon, Dani and Eli arrive from Milwaukee and are ready for lunch. Ada finishes up her nap and Dad dresses her in Outfit #3 for the day – a white onsie and green pooh top and pants, with white trumpette brand socks that look like mary janes. We pack her up and add her giraffe sun hat.

We enjoy a meal outside in the sun and decide to go to the Lincoln Park Zoo. But Ada needs something a bit heavier so we can carry her in the baby bjorn. Amazingly the green pooh top and pants stayed clean while she was in them.

1 pm
We’re ready for the zoo. Outfit #4 - light pink fleece jogging suit over her onsie and her giraffe sun hat. We made it the entire trip with just a bunch of drool on the burp cloth.

4:30 pm
We’re home and ready to go to a new mom group once we change out of our hot fleece jogging suit and into something a bit cooler. On to Outfit #5- we keep the white onsie and switch back to the grey and pink stripped pants (with a tiny spot of throw up on them but who cares.)

4:45 pm
Soil diaper cover with mass explosion but save the stripped pants, onsie and socks.

5 pm
Arrive at Liz’s house, and Mom notices something wet as she carries Ada into meet the new moms. Ada pooped and peed through her diaper cover and pants as we walked in. Entire outfit annihilated. Got changed into Outfit #6 - Cupcake onsie and pink pants.

5:10 pm
Throw up all over. Hit Mom’s brown Threadless t-shirt (Mom shirt #3). Mom strips down to her brown long sleeve shirt and wipes Ada up.

5:25 pm
Ada spits up on her burp cloth and outfit.

5:40 pm

5:55 pm

6:15 pm

6:35 pm

6:45 pm
Repeat. Mom gives up with slobber on the shoulder of her brown long sleeve shirt (Mom shirt #4). Thanks other moms and says it was nice to meet them all – yes, for the first time! Nothing like a whole bunch of spit up on you to make a good first impression.

7 pm
Arrived home and Ada threw up again, this time on Daddy (Dad shirt #1). Changed into pajamas (Outfit #7), and proceeded to throw up on them by the time mom walked from baby’s room to the kitchen to say hi to Daddy.

Total wardrobe ready for washing:
Pants: Pink Striped, Light Blue, Pink Solid
Onsies: White, Elephant, White, Cupcake
Burp cloths: too many to count
Mom’s: Teal Shirt, Teal Tank Top, Black Shorts, Brown Shirt, Brown Long Sleeve Shirt
Dad’s: Green Shirt
Diaper Covers: Pink, Royal Blue, Flowers, Light Blue
Socks: Surprisingly none. Normally they get covered in poop during diaper changes. This was the miracle of the day.

Moral of the story: Spit happens, poop happens, pee happens and all you can do about it is laundry, more laundry, laugh and giggle.


Bayjb said...

That is not surprising yet horrifying. Poor angel. I can't wait to see and hold her. I do hope she doesn't spoil my outfit though :)

RebeccaC said...

Note to self: if I ever become pregnant, JiT and I will be joining a nudist colony. Hope the new washer/dryer are helping matters!