Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pumping at Work

We all know it was just a matter of time before something entertaining came from me pumping at work. And finally it has.

I started the week off by remembering my pump, which is always my main fear since my chest would surely explode. I even remembered the tubing, power cord, hands-free tube top, shields and milk containers. It wasn't until I was done pumping that I realized I had forgotten the lids to the milk containers. Normally I would just pop off the connectors and shields, seal up the bottles and be done with it. But not today. Oh, no.

Thankfully, I do keep (or try to keep) a few milk storage bags with me for fear that I'll forget the containers. But... as I was transferring the measly contents of my pumping efforts -- a whopping five ounces-- from the containers to the plastic bag, I somehow managed to spill half an ounce on the counter top. At least I'm further along in the process to where this stuff isn't as much of a scarce resource as it once was. I no longer freak out over a little spilled milk since I have some backup stocked in the freezer. Speaking of... the other item I forgot today was the cold pack to keep the milk cold until I got home. Luckily I pump after noon and get home just after five so it should stay good, in theory, during that time. But in my infinite wisdom, I decided to put two ice cubes straight from the freezer into the cold compartment of the breastpump bag to keep the milk cool. Little did I know that that compartment isn't really waterproof at all. As I'm sitting on the El for my ride home--yes sitting during rush hour which is a treat- I notice two wet spots on the thighs of my pants. I've sprung a leak! No, it's just my breastpump bag that is slowly dribbling on me. I quickly move it to the floor and continue reading my book. Crisis averted. And at least I was wearing jeans instead of some trendy white pants. It could have been so much worse.

Moral of the story: Medela still hasn't figured out how to design their pumps with moms in mind, it is wise to make checklists for the contents of your breastpump bag, diaper bag, and purse --and double check it before you leave home, and motherhood is a state of constant change--all you can do is get used to it.

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