Monday, April 13, 2009

I get by with a little help from...

random, unsuspecting, strangers on their way to get a morning coffee...

Some say it takes a village to raise a child. I would add that it takes the kindness of strangers to help momma's get there Easter pies too.

The Saturday before Easter, I needed to go to a local coffee shop Noble Tree Coffee and Tea to pick up pies I'd ordered earlier in the week from Hoosier Mama Pies. Ada has been fighting naps lately so she went with me on a walk that turned into a stroller nap for her. (Rick got to stay home and replace light bulbs.) Typically, that's a fine scenario. Unfortunately, she was passed out in our big BOB stroller and there was no way I was going to be able to get her and/or the stroller into this Coffee shop. You see, the shop is a former 3 story house that was converted... and it has two stairs that go up to the patio, and then 6 stairs that lead up to a standard size door.... probably with a second vestibule door beyond that with my luck-- I don't know since I've never actually been into the store. So here I was, with Ada passed out, and my big honking stroller, hanging outside the coffee shop, waiting for the Universe to help me out. I could have woken her up, put the stroller on the porch, slung the diaper bag over my shoulder and shimmied into the shop, fearing that the stroller was being stollen while I waited in line and punching myself for waking Ada up since you NEVER wake a sleeping child. EVER. Or I could... um... well... I don't know. How about I just wait here for a minute and see what happens.

Just as I'm getting ready to call Rick to figure out what to do(like he'll have a magical answer--more so I don't look stupid standing here waiting for someone to walk by), a man and woman, about my age, start crossing the street toward me. They look at me and I ask if they are heading into the coffee shop. "Yeah. Is it open?"

"Oh yeah, it's just that I'm in a sort of a bind. My daughter is asleep, I can't get the stroller into the building and I have to pick up two pies I ordered for Easter. I was wondering if you could help me out?"

"Sure." The woman says. "Do you want us to get the pies or stay here with her while you run in to get them?"

Think fast. Do you give them your credit card, or let them watch your child? This is so NOT a tough decision.

"Here's my credit card."

"Great. I'll bring them out for you before we order our coffee." She says.

"Thank you soooo much." I reply.

I sit down and sure enough, within 5 minutes she's coming back with my credit card, the receipt, and the two pie boxes. "Peanut Butter Pie sounds good..."

"I hope so. These are Hoosier Mama Pies. Super good, if you can get them out of the coffee shop." I thank her. She goes back in to enjoy her morning cuppa Joe. And the Universe keeps on.

Moral of the story: Always help a momma out. Pay it forward and good deeds will come back to you ten-fold. And when in doubt, ask the Universe for a little help.

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