Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Is that Ada?

I find it really funny when people say "Hmmm... who does Ada look like? You or your husband?" and then they try to figure it out and dissect the baby's features.

"I think she has your nose, and Rick's eyes..."

Do people really enjoy doing that? Is it a fun game? Am I missing out on something?

I never, ever, ever, look at a kid and say "Wow, you've got your mom's big honker." or "Luck for you, you didn't get your daddy's receding hairline and big buck teeth darling."
Unless mother and daughter are the spitting image of one another, I really don't notice. And even then I feel like I'm acting the part of captain obvious, just running through the motions as it is the proper thing to do. It just seems like a silly conversation to fill time while we pass through life. Maybe that's just me...
And to make the situation worse, I haven't mastered my response to the comment yet either.

"Uh... she looks like both of us?" "Well, she definitely got Rick's beautiful blue eyes."

Hello. She has 50% of each of our genes and my husband and I happen to look a lot a like, tall thin, blonde hair, similar eye shape, different shades of blue eyes, similar lips -- once even confused for brother and sister -- just once.

And now that Ada is getting a little older, we are starting to get the "she really looks like baby Shiloh..." Now there is something to be proud of... my baby looks like Brangelina's love child! (At least she's cute.)

So I give you a comparison (in case you also really like to play this game of who my baby looks more like.)

Baby Shiloh...
Ada's Dad and Ada's Mom...

Feel free to leave a comment and tell the world wide web what you think. You have a 100% chance of being right really because, well, she's equal part of us and don't all blonde haired, pale skinned, blue-eyed babies look like Shiloh?
Moral of the story: Babies, who come from the loins of their mother and father, are probably going to look like... you guessed it... Shiloh. Oh, I mean, their mother and father. Imagine that.

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RebeccaC said...

Any way you slice it, she is a beautiful doll-baby and we love her! And her good looking Momma and Poppa too!