Monday, April 13, 2009

Is your daughter panting at my dog?

Why yes, yes she is.

Nanny Ashley has taught Ada many a trick including how to high five, wave goodbye, locate her belly, pant like a dog, and to bark. I had never seen the last two in action until we all went to watch Rick play soccer on Saturday.

Ada kept trying to crawl onto the field while the game was in play and so I tried to distract her with a cute dog who had come to watch his owner play. We approached the dog and her owner, and the guy said Lucille was a super nice dog, good with kids, etc. So Ada crawls up to her and like all dogs, she licks Ada's face clean of any remaining banana or lunch remnants. Then Ada looks at the dog and starts panting. Totally unprompted. Ha, ha, ha, ha. Then I hear a faint little "woof, woof, woof". The guy looks at me and I look at him and say "Yep. My nanny taught her that. She hasn't mastered Mom or Dad yet but she can pant at your dog."

Gotta love the cute moments when they come. She's full of them.

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