Monday, April 13, 2009

When your child won't sleep...

Ada hasn't been taking naps very well this past few weeks and I think we've found a solution.

Send in Grandma DD.

We'll hire her out if you don't have one of your own Grandma DD.

And I must disclose that it probably wasn't any sort of magic that DD used but instead, her timing, patience, strong desire to cuddle the munchkin, and a lot of luck.

Rick, Nanny Ashley and I have all been struggling to get Ada to get a consistent nap schedule. I thought we had one for a few weeks around 11 am each day. And then that stopped but Ada's crankiness increased. We've tried a few different things, including using DD as the secret weapon, and today my secret for getting her to nap is to feed her, let her play until she rubs her eyes, feed her a big lunch, let her play some more, and then put her down at 3pm.

She was out until 4:20.


Moral of the story: When in doubt, tucker them out. (and be sure to stuff them if they eat as much as my kid does.)

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