Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Compact: Month 2

Whew! I made it through January without buying anything new except food. I think I have more free time now since I don't spend my time shopping. And surely we have more money in the bank, but that's offset by all of the food I've been buying for my cooking lessons.

I will say that I almost had to buy a book for bookclub, but it wasn't available used and the library wait list was too long so I'm borrowing it from my neighbor who also happens to be in my bookclub. We have a deal where one of us gets the book, reads it and then gives it to the other to read. It's worked pretty well this past 6 months or so. It will be my turn again next month so hopefully the next book is more easily available in a used format.

I also got a bunch of fabric and batting from someone on so I've started another baby quilt -- this one for my #2. Combined with all of the fabric I had in my leftover bin, I'm happy with how it is turning out so far.

And I have maternity clothes left over from last time, plus those sent to me from my friend Amanda out in Colorado since she's quitting at two boys, and my bookclub neighbor Jen who borrowed my maternity clothing bin for her first and is just returning the favor. At least I'm not running around naked with my big belly showing.

Rick has been out to get some new dress pants, but he isn't following the compact and he desperately needed them. He also waited until they went on sale and got a great deal on some really nice stuff.

It really hasn't been hard so far, but it has been thought provoking and increased my awareness of what I'm consuming and how I can be more efficient. And I borrow a lot of things, rent movies, and spend my money on services like prenatal yoga classes and prenatal massage. A better use of my hard earned money I think.

We'll see how February goes. Wish me luck.

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